Lately, I’ve been…

enjoying peace and quiet while the girls are asleep.

planning the beginning stages of moving back to the States {yay!}

thrilled for playdates this week.

praying for my great aunt and a few unspoken requests.

celebrating almost TEN years together with my beloved. A whole decade!

resisting the peanut butter brownies I made a few days ago.

preparing to have surgery in a couple weeks. Not super thrilled about it.

making our family yearbooks soon. I’m behind on printing pictures out.

carrying the weight of a secret that I can’t wait to share soon!

expanding my list of blogs I’ve been reading and finding some I’ve really been enjoying {when I actually get the chance to read}

writing this post while listening to Hawaii 5-0 playing in the background. 

preparing for a certain little 8 month old to begin walking. Not quite ready for it.

living for my morning coffee.

ordering nothing lately! With Christmas just past and trying to save us as much money as we can, I haven’t ordered much online lately. It’s a weird, but surprisingly, good feeling!

eating candy and sweets while I can – Adam and I are giving up sweets and anything with high fructose corn syrup for Lent.

loving having my husband around every night. 

sleeping not so well these days with a little one who’s teething and loving her snuggle sessions at night a little too much. I’m enjoying this time though, because I know as soon as I’m done nursing her, I won’t be able to have that special time with her anymore.

(I got this little “survey” from Elise Joy.)