Anyone watching the Superbowl? Since moving to Japan, it’s always been a little weird for us as the game is on a Monday morning at 8 am. Adam gets off from work, though, so I’m not complaining. And, we get to enjoy coffee, mimosas, and breakfast casseroles followed by the regular Superbowl food after halftime. Win, win!

Since the littlest family member needed her morning nap during the game, and our friends’ apartment filled with Superbowl fanatics was not the location for that to occur, I decided to come back home where she could enjoy a peaceful nap. Which, in return, gives me a peaceful hour or two that I’m not accustomed to. I do enjoy some me-time when I get the chance!

I thought during this downtime, I would give you our highlights/lowlights from this past week:


-My sister announced they are having another baby! I’m so excited for another little niece or nephew due this August!

-The weather has been awesome lately. Mid-50’s-70 degrees a couple days. So nice.

-Adam watched the girls for me a couple times and I was able to get in some good workouts sans kids.

-Scarlett stood up by herself and apparently was very proud of that fact because she began clapping! It was so cute but unfortunately I wasn’t able to record it.

-I’m joining a new bible study soon. It will be nice for both the learning part and the social aspect of it. A mama needs her couple hours every once in a while, and what better way than fellowshipping with fellow Christians. Do I hear an “amen!”

-I got asked to join a group of local, budding photographers.We’ll discuss photography related things such as: lenses, critiquing our photos, and just asking any questions we may have. The ladies all seem to be much more experienced than I, which makes me excited to learn a lot more than I already know.


-My grandma’s younger sister (my great-aunt) had a massive stroke and has been in the hospital this whole past week. The outcome is not looking good. I would love your prayers as this is really hard being away from family during this time. Please pray for a miracle as they are not giving her much time.

-Pre-op appointments are completed and now I’m waiting for my {kidney stone removal} surgery. The appointments went well, but it is never fun to have blood draws and take the girls all the way down to the hospital by myself for an entire day. They are such troopers.

Well, the little lady woke up. Mommy-duty calls. Enjoy your coming week!



Weekly Highlights

-Homemade cinnamon-swirl banana muffins. Seriously. So delicious. {recipe found here}

-Coffee date with a good friend.

-Baby girl turned 8 months old and stood by herself {without help} for the first time.

-Skype convo with a friend that I haven’t talked with in a while.

-My daughters’ daily snuggles.

-Watching Brooklyn draw an “S” and become so proud of herself.

Weekly Lowlights:

-Teething baby.

Sleep-deprived toddler.

-The flu bug. Thankfully, it only affected me and spared the rest of my family. As awful as it was not being able to keep even down water, I would much rather it be that way. There is nothing worse than a sick child. Or husband.

**The end of the week is right around the corner. I’m very much looking forward to it.