On This Day of Love

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I totally lucked out with marrying the best man on the face of this earth. Seriously. Sorry to all of you who were looking for Mr. Right, because I’ve snatched him up and I’m not letting him go!

Adam and I met 13 years ago, in high school. We had a few classes together Freshmen year. We began hanging out with the same group of friends our Junior year and by Senior year, he asked me to go out on a double date with another couple. Unfortunately {or fortunately?} they couldn’t make it that night, so we went ahead with just the two of us. We went skating in downtown Grand Rapids, holding hands and talking forever, and, well, the rest is history. Five years of dating, and then five wonderful years of marriage later… I couldn’t be more blessed!

It’s funny how when you are growing up, you hear from seasoned married people how each year just gets better and better. I always thought that was just a nice thing to say in front of their spouse because they didn’t want them to feel bad. But, how true it is! Every single year that I’m married to Adam, it just gets better and better.

In many ways, Adam and I question why we had to move to Japan. It was our last possible choice, and we honestly had no desire to live in Asia. Europe? Yes. Asia? No way. Nothing about this country or continent was a desirable place for us to live. But, I’m coming to realize now that one of the reasons we moved here was for our marriage. There’s nothing like moving to the opposite side of the world to make you fully rely on your spouse. Adam and I no longer had the chance to turn to our close friends or family when things got tough. Instead, we had to fully turn to each other to help us get through whatever came up. Not that we hadn’t before we moved, but there was absolutely no other option.

And now, having lived in Japan for 2.5 years and with our move back to the States coming in the next six months or so, I can be thankful for our three years here. I don’t look at these years as wasted. Sure, I’ve missed out on the birth of my niece {and still haven’t met her a full year later}, graduations, funerals, and other milestones. But, what I’ve gained has been an insurmountable faith in God and love for my husband.

Life can be such a mystery. The unexpected happens and we are left to question why. We may find that answer immediately, or it may take a couple years to come around and then, it hits you hard. God always has a reason for everything. It’s understanding¬†why that’s the hardest part.

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