{Day in my Life}

6:27am: after being up every 3 hours during the night, the littlest family member decided this would be a great time to wake up for the day. I stumble to her room in an exhaustive haze, change her diaper and nurse her in hopes of her going back to sleep again. No such luck. And so my day begins.

6:45am: say good-bye to Adam as he heads out to work for the day.

7:00am: Brooklyn wakes up early. I change both girls’ diapers and let Brooklyn pick her clothes out. I start the coffee pot and get Brooklyn’s breakfast ready.

Brooklyn has a very distinct fashion sense already. I love it.

Brooklyn has a very distinct fashion sense already. I love it.


7:30am: I referee the battles of “no-Scarlett-can’t-touch-this-toy” and “mama-she’s-sitting-on-my-blanket!” along with an overly tired, toddler’s tantrums. We sit in a time out together so she can collect herself and calm down.

8:00am: snuggle with my girls and watch Sesame Street for ten minutes. Brooklyn usually tells me she’s “scared” of this show, so I’m really surprised she wants to watch it today. I rewarm my coffee in the microwave for the second time this morning. {I usually end up doing this a few times each morning…}


8:15am: craft time! Brooklyn makes a special Valentine’s Day craft for Daddy that she’s excited to show him.


9:00am: after chasing this little lady all morning, it’s finally her nap time.


I use this time as one-on-one with Brooklyn, catch up on a little social media, plan out our day, clean up the apartment, and make Adam’s lunch. Thankfully Brooklyn’s great at playing with her toys while needing minimal supervision.

10:45am: we head out the door to run errands. It’s a nice enough day, so I decide to use the jogger and run. Putting on mileage and getting things done while doing it!

11:30am: We bring Adam lunch at work while he’s on duty.

12:00pm: lunch time.


12:30pm: Brooklyn’s nap time.

1:00pm: Scarlett’s second nap for the day, which means I have a little time for myself. I sit down and do my daily devotions, pick up the never-ending mess of toys, clean up the remnants of lunch, work on filing our taxes, and make/freeze a couple meals for next week.

3:00pm: indoor play time with the girls.


4:30pm: Adam’s home early from work! We head out for a family run. We usually play at the park after our run, but today is way too cold and windy.

5:30pm: I prepare dinner and we sit down as a family to eat. One of my favorite times of the day. Adam and I stress having this nightly sit-down time together.

6:30pm: clean-up and play time with the girls. Brooklyn and Scarlett love having both mommy and daddy in the same room to play with them.

7:00pm: begin the girls’ bedtime routines.

7:45pm: Adam’s and my time to watch our shows, discuss our days, and lounge around.

10:00pm: read in bed then lights out. Scarlett’s first time up is always three hours after she goes to bed, so I usually wait up to feed her, then fall asleep after that.

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our busy life. It’s crazy, but oh, how I love it!