Favorite Workout Gear

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              hoodie / shorts / tights / shoes / short sleeve shirt / sports bra / long sleeve

As any fitness guru, I have my favorite go to gear. I’m not a person who splurges on Lululemon clothing when I can get just as much comfort from Adidas, Under Armor, or Nike. So, posted above is some affordable running gear that hopefully you will find just as great as I do!

And with that, I’m going to say happy weekend, readers! I’m off to enjoy some family time with my wonderful husband and daughters.


Winter Workout Ideas

With the cold winter months having set in, I sometimes find it hard to get the motivation to go outside for a run. It takes even more gumption to bundle the girls up and put them in the jogger. So, I’ve found a few ways to workout inside, which excites this girl who hates the cold. I swear I was meant to grow up in Key West or something instead of Michigan.

Anyway, I wanted to pass these ideas on to you in case you wanted some workouts that don’t include getting frostbite.

1. TRX. This workout was created by a Navy SEAL. You can read more about it hereAnd the awesome thing? You can take it with you on any trip, too! It was designed to be used in hotel rooms or anywhere that’s hard to get to a gym. Fair warning: your core and muscles will be thoroughly worked out. But, that’s what we want, right? Adam takes his on deployments on the carrier with him.

2. P90x {or any home workout video}: Another great workout. Tony Horton is serious out his fitness. I know – I’ve worked out with him before! {he’s much shorter than you would think}

3. Quick Workouts {for those with limited time}: I do this workout as a “strength workout” after a run sometimes. You could add a few more cardio moves with it and it could be a full workout:

50 Jumping jacks

5-10 push-ups {depending on level of fitness}

50 crunches

25 mountain climbers

30 second plank

15 lunges on each side

Repeat. Twice if you’re able to.

4. Treadmill running. Sorry, I had to say it. As much as I hate the treadmill, it is an option. This is pretty much my last resort, but hey, it’s at least it’s there.

Today is the first day since I’ve been sick that I’m getting back out there to workout and I’m pretty stoked. I hate taking days off, but I know when my body is crying “uncle.”

Happy Weekend, everyone!