Cutting Out Technology


Lately, I’ve been feeling suffocated. What do I mean by that? I feel under constant pressure to keep up with people’s lives on social media. In the morning, the first thing I want to do is check my email, Facebook messages/notifications, and Instagram. Why? I honestly can’t answer that. Yesterday, I felt so suffocated by the pressure to be online that I decided to completely drop Facebook for an entire week. I was sick of feeling like I need to always be checking up on people’s lives or responding to messages and comments.

My decision might be a bit impulsive, but you know what? I love it so far! Last night {Adam’s last night with us for a bit as he left early this morning for training}, I was able to spend 100% attention on him while we hung out and not feel the need to be online. This morning, my first thought was not what is everyone up to? but rather I was able to read through my devotions and spend some one on one time with both of my girls. I don’t feel hurried while going through my cleaning or other tasks.

The sad thing is, that is how it should always be. But I will be honest in telling you that sometimes I want to be on the computer when I should be more present with my girls. So, that is what I am doing this next week. I am being present in their lives, intentional to be mentally, emotionally, and physically there when they are learning to walk, needing to snuggle more, seeking my attention to see a big tower they built out of blocks… the list could go on and on.

I don’t want you to think I was never present before this. I do try to be a good mom, and I think this step away from some social media is just what I need to get refreshed in my relationships with others, God, and even myself.

I hope you all have a great week. You won’t be seeing me on facebook this week, but if you want to reach me, just send me an email. I might not respond right away, but I will at least give you one option of being able to communicate with me. {since living in Japan, calling my phone from the States isn’t an option. I kind of like that…}

Have a great week, readers! :)


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Living with a Purpose

Happy New Year!

I know I’m a bit late in saying it, but I’ve been on vacation for the past eight days and didn’t even take my computer with me! It was wonderful. We rang in the new year with just our family- both girls sound asleep in their beds and Adam and I barely staying awake long enough to give each other a New Year’s kiss. My, how life has changed from 5 years ago. I wouldn’t trade it, though.

Recently, I’ve had time to think and reflect during some “me time” that Adam graciously gave me. So much happened in 2012; mostly good, some not-so-good. We finished out the year with a lot to be thankful for, along with some unknown still hanging in the air, resulting in a bit of anxiousness.

While all these things are going through my mind, I didn’t want to have it negatively affect me. What’s going to happen will happen, it is ultimately out of my control. When my abnormal EKG came back a couple weeks ago, it really shook me up. I started to realize that life is really short and I need to soak up as much time with my precious girls and husband as I can.

So, this year I decided not to make a new years resolutions that I had a 50/50 chance of keeping, but instead to come up with a word that I would try to remember throughout the year. I wanted it to be something that would help me be a better person. The word I came up with is purposeful.

When I’m with my girls and husband, I want to be purposeful or intentional on the undivided attention I give to them. Now that I have two girls, I feel it’s hard to give both of them the time they deserve. My time is not theirs if I am on my iPhone or computer, reading articles, browsing Pinterest, or responding to Facebook comments or messages. I can’t be the wife I should be if my husband is trying to tell me about his day while I’m checking my email or concentrating on something else.

In fully being present with them, I can truly be there. Both physically and mentally.

The same goes for everything I do. I want to be purposeful in my workouts. Purposeful in friends, worshipping God, and yes, even in grocery shopping. I know I have a long way to go, but I truly believe I can be a better person by doing this.

What would your “word” be for this year?