My New Camera

So, I finally got my Christmas present last night.

After doing a lot of research, thinking, and much discussion, I decided to get the Canon t3i. It’s the second newest in the Canon Rebel series. Why not get the t4i? After reading a lot of reviews, it appears the only reason to spend the extra $300 was for the video aspect of the camera. Since I am not buying a camera for video (although the video option is a nice addition), I decided to save the extra money and put it towards a new lens. After all, it’s really the lens that is the most important part, right? The camera body is secondary. (kind of…) 🙂

I’m so excited to start playing with it more. I’m moving up from an older Canon Rebel model, so it will be nice having the extra megapixels and other upgrades from my model of 4 years ago. Yay!

Let the fun begin!


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