Favorite iPhone Apps

We’ve had lots of playdates this week.

Have you ever scheduled a play date at your home not only for the kids’ benefit, but also to ensure that you clean your house? That was me this week. Don’t get me wrong, I love hosting things. But sometimes I just need that extra push to clean our place, and no better incentive than knowing people are coming over! Growing up, I was taught to have things neat and orderly when guests came over.

So, floors were swept and mopped, carpets vacuumed, furniture dusted, bathrooms scrubbed, kitchen Lysol-ed,…

And, of course, having people over means I need to provide a snack. So, cookies were made. Man, this sweet tooth can get out of control sometimes. I blame nursing – it always heightens my sweet tooth.

Moving on.


I wanted to share my favorite photography apps. Below are my top five that I use on my iPhone:

Instagram – my favorite app used to share pictures of our everyday life. I really like this app because I can set the privacy setting to only those I want to see my pictures.

PostalPix – I use this app to print out my pictures from Instagram. I’ve used other websites through my computer that link directly to Instagram, but PostalPix is right on my phone and really easy to use!

VSCO cam – this is a camera app to take pictures and moderately edit them. You can directly link to social medias to post them. {always a must in my mind!}

Afterglo – another picture taking app like VSCO with cool editing tools. My new favorite.

 Diptic – for when you want to make a collage or post pictures side by side.

Have fun playing around with them! Any awesome apps I’m missing? Please share!


2 thoughts on “Favorite iPhone Apps

  1. I’ll have to try out your editing apps! I haven’t heard of them! I recommend Trendyful if you upload a lot of pictures at once to Facebook. It allows you to select what photos to upload, caption each individual one and tag them, and then you can select what album on Facebook you want them to upload to instead of just going to the default of Mobile Uploads or iOS Photos. It’s one of my fav apps!

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