With Christmas just past, and many presents needing a new home, we’ve been going through our old things and deciding what needs to stay and what we don’t use or wear anymore. I always feel refreshed after I purge. If I haven’t worn clothes in the last year or so, I put it in the pile to resell or donate. Brooklyn had some trinkets laying around that she hasn’t played with in months that I threw away or put in the donate pile. I think it’s healthy to go through our stuff a few times a year and ask if we need it, use it, or wear it enough to keep it around. 

I find that with having a child or two, the clutter and piles of unneeded stuff grows drastically. It leaves an unsettled feeling inside me when I see piles of things sitting around that don’t have their own place.

This need of reorganizing is what brought Adam and I to IKEA the other day. Thankfully we live only about 45 minutes away from one. We came back with a few things that were necessary to help keep our apartment organized and a couple splurge items that spruce up our apartment.

DVD Holders: All of our current DVD’s fit in these little white boxes. It’s nice to have them out of sight and the area looking more cohesive. I have them labeled in their own categories: Kids, Sarah’s, Adam’s, Both, and Seasons.


Toy Chest: LOVE this pattern! It’s the perfect size to fit in our living room but not look too large. All our toys from the living room fit in it {the rest we have in a toy organizer in Brooklyn’s room}.


Book Shelf: this went in Scarlett’s room. It matches her white crib and changing table and allowed all the extra stuff sitting around to have their own place.



Decorative pillows (splurged a total of $20 for these!): I really like how they add a little color. Not too much, but enough to look pretty.


Hopefully I’ll get even more organization done in the next few weeks! Purging things and organizing can be addicting!


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