Clean Eating

I’m on a quest for something. I feel most people are this time of year or shortly after the holidays. I decided to start our family on eating healthier. Seeing as I’m the sole person in our family who cooks, buys, or prepares the food we eat, this quest will fall mostly on me.

For our daughters, it won’t be that hard. Brooklyn, our two-year-old, eats mostly organic, whole wheat, or whole fruits and veggies {with the occasional fruit snack or homemade muffin here or there}. Scarlett, our 7-month-old, gets her main nutrition from me {exclusively gets breast milk} and organic baby food. I had the wonderful idea of making her own baby food but, well, life gets busy with two kiddos and to be honest, I just got lazy. But, I figure organic baby food is a good alternative, right?

So, that leaves me and the hubby. I’m a self-motivated person. And, I have pretty good self control when I need it. I’ve done countless years of giving up sweets for Lent — hard for this huge sweet tooth I have, but it was do-able. I know I can do this if I put my mind to it. Convincing Adam might be the hardest part. Ha.

Now, this is where you, my readers come in. While I have scoured the internet for great ways to eat healthier, I would love personal testimonies or great recipes that you love and want to share with me. I’m not looking at going vegan or anything dramatic, just a shift of eating less artificial foods and more whole/natural.

Oh, I should mention I don’t eat a lot of beef or red meat. But, that doesn’t stop me from cooking it for Adam from time to time. We mainly like chicken dishes, though.

Anyone else on a quest for eating healthier?


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