I Finally Found It

About a month ago, I polled my tall friends on their favorite pair of jeans. If you know me well enough, you know I’m not much a jeans girl. I don’t think I have ever been.

When growing up, I never had a favorite pair of jeans. I was too tall and lanky to find that “perfect” pair that most seem to have. Since college, I have maybe purchased two new pairs, and have hardly worn them. (I guess being pregnant twice since then has also had something to do with that.)

So, a couple months ago I began my quest to find that “perfect” pair. I know I have a really long inseam that is hard to shop for, but I also know that companies have started to cater towards us tall ladies more now than ever before. After seeing the many responses of my friends (thank you, all, for your input!), I decided on purchasing a pair from Gap. Reasonably priced, yet good quality.

Yesterday, they finally came. I picked them up from the post office, drove home quickly, raced upstairs, and ripped open the package. I could hardly contain my excitement (yes, I am that type of person where receiving a new pair of jeans in the mail is a very big deal) as I put them on. And, to my delighted surprise, I knew I found them.

My favorite pair of jeans.


Gap 1969 Long and Lean jeans

Perfect length, great color, and very comfortable! Thank you, Gap, for this great find!


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