Currently Enjoying…

…Modern Family: seriously, so funny. If you haven’t watched this show, please do. You can thank me later.

…fall clothes: leggings, sweaters, boots, scarves… ahh, I love every bit of it!

…a new hair style: I did it. I cut my hair. Like, a lot. I got 6-7 inches off and while I’m not the dare devil type to do drastic things with my hair, I went in with a picture of a hair style I liked and came out looking like a new person! And, the verdict is: I love it!!

…nap time: enough said.

…Zulily, Ideeli, and Rue La La: Um, how could I not have gone on these websites before? They have everything I will ever need for our girls (and much more)! You need to check this website, this website and this website out.

…skype dates: being able to talk with Adam and see him is wonderful. He even got to “tuck” Brooklyn into bed last night and say her bedtime prayers with her. They both needed that, I think.

…birthday packages: living in Japan means mail doesn’t always get here on time. My mom sent a birthday package out and while she felt bad that the package didn’t arrive exactly on my birthday, I think it was pretty cool that my birthday celebration could be extended by a few days! So, no worries, Mom! I actually enjoyed getting to open it yesterday versus on my birthday!

…home sweet home: scent in my Scentsy burner. Smells so good!

…Crystal lite Raspberry lemonade


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