Staying Fit with TWO

When we found out we were pregnant with our second child, many people commented to me on how my fitness would go right out the window. That I would be much too busy to be able to exercise. That, while I was able to lose the weight from my first pregnancy, there would be no way I could lose it with the second.

Well, this blog post is written for you: the ones who don’t think it’s possible to work out and be a mommy of 2. I am not here to endorse any workout plan or anything. I am here to tell you what worked for me, and that it can work for you, too.

Around 6 weeks pregnant, I began an almost-10 week morning sickness bout. Dealing with a 12 month old on top of that was not fun. Think: kid videos all day (to this day, I still feel the need to throw up when B wants to watch one of them), crackers ground into the living room floor and this neat-freak, sick momma so sick on the couch that I didn’t even care. (I should mention my husband was deployed, hence the drastically lazy life we led.) So, there obviously was no way I had enough gumption to strap my girl into the jogger and head out for a nice 5 mile run. 

After my morning sickness subsided (hallelujah!), I eased back into running again. I only lasted until 24 weeks along, and from there until S came, I walked. I would walk anywhere from 2-5 miles a day, 4-5 days a week. It wasn’t a lot, but enough to get my blood flowing and my heart pumping. 

So, once S came along, I had a small fitness base. Nothing compared to before I got pregnant with her, but enough. A couple weeks after her birth, I was itching to get back out and start running. I very slowly started around 2.5 weeks postpartum. (This is where I need to say: do what is right for your own body. Every single person {and pregnancy} is completely different. Wait until you and your doctor say you are ready). 

Now that you have my back story, here is where you come in. I make exercise a priority. It’s not the highest priority in my day to day activities, but it is quite high on the list. Once my girls’ needs are met (fed, diapers changed, clothed, etc), we head out each day for a run. I have a double BOB jogging stroller and can honestly say it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Thankfully, both girls love to ride in the stroller which makes my life easier, but we usually head out for an hour or so while I run and they sit. I bring toys, snacks, and a water bottle to keep B occupied. After each run, we stop by the track on base or a park and she can get out to run around and play. It honestly is the best of all worlds. Each of us gets our needed daily activities in and we go home happy.

I understand, each family/child is different. I’m not saying you need to do what I do. I just want to say that being a fit mom of 2 is possible and can happen. You may need to put your mind to it, find a way to make it possible for your own schedule, but it is possible!

I would love to read any comments from mommas (or daddy’s) and what works for you and your child(ren) to get your workouts in!


5 thoughts on “Staying Fit with TWO

  1. Sarah, thanks for posting this! I am just now getting my body back and it’s because I MAKE it a priority. It’s hard to do once you have kids but it’s doable. Running 5-6 days a week is what has really made a difference for me. I never use to be a runner but am loving it now! Wishing we could be running buddies! One day, one day!!

  2. Definitely making your workout a priority is key! I also have found a great group of moms to run with. I have two girls too and my mommy running friends totally understand if my kids get fussy in the stroller and we have to walk a bit or stop and let them out. And definitely – having them play at a park at the end of the run is key! Exercising and play dates definitely go hand in hand. Thanks for the great post! – Irma

  3. Amen and amen! 🙂 My pregnancy story is a little like yours, except I dealt with sickness for 7 months. I ran until week 18, and then started power walking about 5-6 days/week, between 4-6 miles. Did this right up until the day before giving birth. Due to baby issues I dealt with, I wasn’t able to start exercising until 8 weeks pp (besides gentle walks) but within three weeks of starting, I had already gotten up to running four miles. Now 5 1/2 months pp, I can run ten mile stretches, and all while pushing my son in the stroller. With no family around to watch him, in all this time I’ve only enjoyed two runs solo! 🙂 To make it more fun, I’ve joined a moms meet up running group, and have LOVED the encouragement of running with other moms with the same determination and love of fitness as I have. It is totally possible to stay fit as a mom. It’s all about how you prioritize! 🙂 Wish we lived closer, I’d love to be running buddies. 🙂

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